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Fabulously fresh large wild Sea Bream from Cornwall

Anthony Sargeant bought this wonderfully fresh Cornish Sea Bream at Barkworths fish stall in Shrewsbury’s Indoor market last Saturday 23rd December 2017

wild cornish sea bream

Barkworths in the indoor market at Shrewsbury, Shropshire, England, are one of the very best fishmongers that Anthony Sargeant has found – superb fresh fish well looked after.


Early morning mist of late summer in Shropshire


Early morning mist clinging to the Shropshire fields photographed by Anthony J Sargeant at 5.42am on the 27th August 2017 during his early morning bike ride along the quiet country lanes around his home. Wonderful ever changing English landscape.


Lunch is served

lunch of baby squid pieces on green salad with wild garlic pesto black olive tapenade, greenolive tapenade and spicy pepper luteniza on toast

Lunch prepared by Anthony Sargeant on 16th April 2017. Squid pieces on green salad with homemade wild garlic pesto, black olive tapenade, greenolive tapenade and spicy pepper luteniza on toast quarters. The wild garlic for the pesto gathered by Tony from the quiet wooded lanes around his Shropshire home

Ancient Oak Tree in Shropshire, England


This ancient oak stands at the T junction of two lanes just a little way from the Shropshire home of Anthony Sargeant. The lanes around this part of Shropshire are punctuated with old Oak trees. From time to time in high winds branches will break off but otherwise they stand solid and naturally gaunt. Just about to burst into new growth as the leaf buds open in mid-April. (yesterday when this photograph was taken it was Easter Saturday – 15th April 2017)

Spring has arrived in England and the primroses are blooming all over the garden and in the hedgerows. Anthony Sargeant, Tony, took this photograph late in the afternoon of the 30th March 2017 in the garden of his Shropshire Home.

via Primroses in Shropshire — TONY Anthony SARGEANT

Winter sunset in Shropshire photographed by Anthony Sargeant


Sensational evening sky photographed from the garden of the Shropshire (UK) home of Tony Sargeant a few weeks ago. The old Oak tree silhouetted against the evening sky is part of an ancient hedgerow separating two fields where sheep graze.