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Lunch is served

lunch of baby squid pieces on green salad with wild garlic pesto black olive tapenade, greenolive tapenade and spicy pepper luteniza on toast

Lunch prepared by Anthony Sargeant on 16th April 2017. Squid pieces on green salad with homemade wild garlic pesto, black olive tapenade, greenolive tapenade and spicy pepper luteniza on toast quarters. The wild garlic for the pesto gathered by Tony from the quiet wooded lanes around his Shropshire home

Ancient Oak Tree in Shropshire, England


This ancient oak stands at the T junction of two lanes just a little way from the Shropshire home of Anthony Sargeant. The lanes around this part of Shropshire are punctuated with old Oak trees. From time to time in high winds branches will break off but otherwise they stand solid and naturally gaunt. Just about to burst into new growth as the leaf buds open in mid-April. (yesterday when this photograph was taken it was Easter Saturday – 15th April 2017)

Sheep on a Sunny Spring day in Shropshire


Ewes with the lambs were photographed by Anthony J Sargeant in the field next to his Shropshire home (2nd April 2017). The weather was glorious – a typical English Spring day, not hot, but breezy and sunny with glorious blue skies and the trees not yet in leaf although the buds are starting to swell. The sort of day that Robert Browning must have yearned when he wrote ‘Home thoughts from abroad’ – “Oh to be in England, now that April’s there”

Belllingham Swimming Pool – South London 1965

Kathy Roy bracklesham bay 1963 1_0006

In a mis-spent youth Anthony Sargeant worked as a lifeguard and pool attendant at Bellingham Open Air Swimming Pool in South London (long since closed down).Here standing on the edge of the pool are three of his colleagues on a fine sunny day. From left to right, Derek, T….? , and Norman. It was an interesting a relatively well paid job especially when working overtime (time and a half)  or on Sundays and Bank Holidays (double time). Because it was open air we were required to wear white trousers as Derek and Norman are doing (they must have been on duty when the photograph was taken).

London Smog / Fog

fog article-2243732-005B434700000258-941_470x628

Anthony Sargeant remembers that in the 1950s and even early 60s, fogs in London became ‘smogs’ laden with the poisonous products of domestic coal fires and  coal fired power stations located in the London Basin trapping the pollution when the winter climate led to still air over the capital.