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Ratatouille with baby octopus and squid

A luscious supper prepared by Anthony Sargeant.

ratatouille with baby octopus and squid

Tony made this mixture of vegetables and squid with baby octopus for supper – unctuous base with highlights of vegetables and fishy tastes.


‘The Reaper’ by William Strang, RA, (1859-1921) in the collection of Anthony J Sargeant


‘The Reaper’ is an etching made by William Strang in the late 19th Century. It is one of some 25 etchings by Strang in the collection of Tony Sargeant. Most are in a portfolio and unframed although there is a famous portrait etching of Laurence Binyon which is framed and hangs in the stairwell of his Shropshire home.

Sleepy cat on the back of the sofa


While she does her knitting of some unspecified garment – shorty the pet cat relaxes on the sofa behind her. Anthony Sargeant is slightly worried by that outstretched paw and claws holding onto the cushion and hopes ‘Shorty’ the cat does not seek stability by putting them into the blue cardigan of his friend.