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A Shropshire Dawn – Photographed by Anthony J Sargeant from his bedroom window


Photographed at 6.31 am on the 21st March 2018. The sun is just rising over the eastern horizon beyond the water meadows that surround the River Corve. It is a wonderful sight as the rays of the Sun bring hope and brightness. It is a real privilege to live in this beautiful English countryside.


A Sunny Winter’s Day In Shropshire, England.


Photographed on February 25th 2018 by Anthony J Sargeant these old trees twist and turn out of the ground that banks away from the Shropshire lane close to his home. It is almost Spring but still the wind is cold and the trees starkly bare in the winter sunshine.

Supper on Christmas Eve 2017 was Cornish Lobster prepared by Anthony J Sargeant


Wonderfully fresh Lobster made a delicious meal for two on Christmas Eve 2017. Prepared as an adapted version of that classic dish first created by Escoffier in the 19th Century, Lobster Thermidor.

Delicious food for an English Winter – highly recommended by Anthony J Sargeant


Here a quarter of a steak and kidney pudding is served on a Royal Copenhagen dinner plate with Sweetheart Cabbage and mashed potato. Anthony Sargeant thinks this is one of the most perfect meals for a cold winter’s day in England. Using cheap cuts of beef (shin or skirt) and ox kidney plus mushrooms and onions the long cooking time in the suet pastry (5 or 6 hours steaming) ensures everything melts down to delicious filling in the suet crust.

Cast-iron mangle for wringing out laundry in the 1940-50s home of Anthony Sargeant

In 1940-50s South-London there were few washing machines. The mother of Anthony Sargeant did not have one but she did have a cast-iron mangle such as this which was housed in the shed at the bottom of the garden. The shed was in fact a re-purposed corrugated iron from a WW2 Anderson bomb shelter. All laundry was done in a large heated copper boiler in the kitchen using a thick wooden pole to stir it around (the thick pole rather like a metre long broom handle also had another use – it was sometimes used to whack Tony when his Mother deemed him to have misbehaved). Heavily soiled pieces of laundry were additionally rubbed on a washing board at the large ceramic sink in the kitchen. After rinsing out the soapy water in the sink the wet laundry was carried up the garden and put through the the wooden rollers of the mangle to squeeze out as much water as possible. The washing was then pegged out along the clothes line which ran the length of the garden. This was not advisable if the wind was coming from the direction of the local gasworks which was less than half a mile away, because at certain stages of the manufacture of Town Gas the coking ovens door would be opened and the wind would carry sooty smuts across the neighbourhood.

via Mangle used to wring out water from laundry on wash-day – which was usually Monday — Anthony J Sargeant in 1966

Ratatouille with baby octopus and squid

A luscious supper prepared by Anthony Sargeant.

ratatouille with baby octopus and squid

Tony made this mixture of vegetables and squid with baby octopus for supper – unctuous base with highlights of vegetables and fishy tastes.

Boned thicken thighs stuffed with wild garlic butter on bed of sweetheart cabbage

boned thicken thighs stuffed with wild garlic butter on bed of sweetheart cabbage

Simple, inexpensive and delicious. Anthony Sargeant cooked this for supper – no need for masses of ‘chefy’ accompanying bits and pieces – keep it simple at home and enjoy.