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Fabulously fresh large wild Sea Bream from Cornwall

Anthony Sargeant bought this wonderfully fresh Cornish Sea Bream at Barkworths fish stall in Shrewsbury’s Indoor market last Saturday 23rd December 2017

wild cornish sea bream

Barkworths in the indoor market at Shrewsbury, Shropshire, England, are one of the very best fishmongers that Anthony Sargeant has found – superb fresh fish well looked after.


Ratatouille with baby octopus and squid

A luscious supper prepared by Anthony Sargeant.

ratatouille with baby octopus and squid

Tony made this mixture of vegetables and squid with baby octopus for supper – unctuous base with highlights of vegetables and fishy tastes.

Lunch is served

lunch of baby squid pieces on green salad with wild garlic pesto black olive tapenade, greenolive tapenade and spicy pepper luteniza on toast

Lunch prepared by Anthony Sargeant on 16th April 2017. Squid pieces on green salad with homemade wild garlic pesto, black olive tapenade, greenolive tapenade and spicy pepper luteniza on toast quarters. The wild garlic for the pesto gathered by Tony from the quiet wooded lanes around his Shropshire home

Arbroath Smokies and Potato Dauphinois

Arbroath Smokies are a superb Scottish delicacy says Anthony Sargeant. They are small haddock which have been hot smoked over hardwood chips thus they can be eaten without further cooking but here the meat is flaked from the bones and skin and incorporated in layers of potato dauphinois according to a recipe of Rick Stein’s […]

via Arbroath Smokies and Potato Dauphinois — Tony Anthony J Sargeant