Sunrise in Skegness – 3rd August 2018


All was quiet and peaceful in Skegness as Tony Sargeant made his way home having been up to Berwick-on-Tweed and Bamburgh. But the town was filthy – litter everywhere including the beach. The whole place looked depressed and was depressing. It would have been even worse when full of people later in the day.



Tony Sargeant has this charming pen and ink with watercolour wash drawing which he bought at auction some time ago hidden among a number of uninteresting prints in a general sale. It brought back very happy memories of hearing the wonderful playing of the Amadeus Quartet in the 1970-80s. It is inscribed “Amadeus Quartet in […] […]

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A Shropshire Dawn – Photographed by Anthony J Sargeant from his bedroom window


Photographed at 6.31 am on the 21st March 2018. The sun is just rising over the eastern horizon beyond the water meadows that surround the River Corve. It is a wonderful sight as the rays of the Sun bring hope and brightness. It is a real privilege to live in this beautiful English countryside.

A Sunny Winter’s Day In Shropshire, England.


Photographed on February 25th 2018 by Anthony J Sargeant these old trees twist and turn out of the ground that banks away from the Shropshire lane close to his home. It is almost Spring but still the wind is cold and the trees starkly bare in the winter sunshine.

Oil Painting of a Young Girl by X Wolfle


Wolfle (1887-1972) was a German artist who specialised in small and minature portraits (this oil on canvas measures 25 x 32 cm). Anthony J Sargeant bought this charming example, a portrait of a young girl, at an auction on the South Coast of England many years ago and rather than sell it on through his Antique business kept it and it has hung on the wall of his homes since that time.